Our inaugural issue features twelve texts, a photo essay and a comic strip exploring instances of imagined, delayed and anticipated grief. We unravel grief, looking within and peering beyond bereavement and loss. We look at grief that has been experienced personally, that is held collectively, that is carried in the body, and sedimented in place.

Co-edited by Anna Yeon, Maddee Clark, Emily Westmoreland, Danny Silva, Soberano and Elena Tjandra.

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ISSN: 2653-0015
Printed in Narrm (Melbourne) by Printgraphics

The Australian Council for the Arts


Introduction: Before Grief
Elena Tjandra & Julia Flaster
In Conversation with Barkaa
Mahmood Fazal
The peacock, the baby, and me
Shokoofeh Azar
Lujayn Hourani
I Think I’ll Name You After Me
Chris Taylor
Selected poems
Sofie Westcombe
Two cultures and a baby
Alice Pung
How Do You Keep (A Tree) From Disappearing?
Mira Asriningtyas
the refugee doesn’t exist
Lur Alghurabi
The Plastic House
Julia Flaster
Little Brother
Nick Kilner
Jon-Michael Frank
Into the world of the dying
Jennifer Philip
Haunted Quarries
Tim Edensor
Mock Abalone
Ngoc Trân

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Our second issue features fifteen texts, a photo essay and illustrations that interrogate the theme of hospitality from all its angles. Contributors have embraced the ambivalent duality of hospitality in their offerings. They recognise the power of hosting and the subversiveness of the bad guest who refuses to sit in their allotted place. Despite this, hospitality is there in the small acts and the other spaces we shape for ourselves.

Guest edited by Alana Lentin, Anne Marie Te Whiu and Anna Yeon. 

Product Details
ISSN: 2653-0015
132 pages on Envirocare
Released June 2022
Printed in Narrm (Melbourne) by E-Plot 

City of Melbourne
Darebin Council
Moreland Council

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In Conversation with Deborah Cheetham
Declan Fry
ex malo bonum
Raelee Lancaster
A Lovely Part of the World
Rupert Azzopardi
Living with yourself
Eda Gunaydin
fanua | whenua
Lana Lopesi
The Only Game In Town
Chris Taylor
Tony Birch
Notes on a BLACKPINK (Sort Of) Revolution
S.L. Lim
you could have called this work
Scott-Patrick Mitchell
An outcast cast out
Tabitha Lean/Budhin Mingaan
Once Were Foreigners
Ita-Marie Ralago
Medusa tries MDMA for the first time
Izzy Roberts-Orr
Island Time: Animal Crossing and Sacred Hospitality
Josie Dean
In defence of the fenceless
Sam Cannon with Timmah Ball
Smoke and Mirrors
Hani Abdile
Intuitive Cooking/Sweet Potato Dream
aminata diallo
with Illustrations by

George Goodnow

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