In this limited edition print-run, Debris Magazine welcomes you to the hidden world within "The Fine Print", a new short story by Ita-Marie Ralago. Set in modern-day Sydney, this tale follows Agnes, a single-mother immigrant who is contracted to work in a Professor's Northern Beaches home as his housekeeper. The contract itself, unusual in length and detail. The house begins to envelop her literary-absorbed son where they stumble upon the Professor's secret library, triggering a chain of mysterious happenings... Perhaps, don't forget to check the fine print.

About the author: Ita is a Fijian-Australian writer and hospitality worker living on Bundjalung land. She originally hails from Western Sydney, and as such, her writing is often a homage to the people and places she has left behind. Her work can be found in The Bengaluru Review and Griffith University’s Talent Implied.

Editor: Anna Yeon 
Designer: Charlene Le 
Printer: Press Print & MONSU Workshop 
Paper: Colophon Harvest, Envirocare 100% recycled

Edition: 100
Saturday May 28 2022