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Issue 02 ‘Hospitality’ coming June 2022;

Guest edited by Anna Yeon, Alana Lentin, Anne-Marie Te Whiu.

This issue interrogates the theme of hospitality from all its angles: the relationship between hospitality and inhospitableness, between being a host and being welcomed or shunned, and others we are yet to discover.

Tony Birch
S.L. Lim
Sam Cannon and Timmah Ball
Lana Lopesi
Ita-Marie Ralago
Josie Dean
Izzy Roberts-Orr
Eda Gunaydin
Tabitha Lean
Rupert Azzopardi
Hani Abdile
Scott-Patrick Mitchell
Declan Fry and Deborah Cheetham
Raelee Lancaster

Photography by Chris Taylor
Illustrations by George Goodnow

This issue has been generously supported by City Of Melbourne’s Arts Grants, Darebin Council’s Community Grants Program & Moreland Council’s Making Space Residency.

Issue 01 ‘Grief’ released August 2021;

Elena Tjandra & Julia Flaster. Introduction: Before Grief

Mahmood Fazal. In Conversation with Barkaa

Shokoofeh Azar. The peacock, the baby, and me

Hasib Hourani. gift

Chris Taylor. I Think I’ll Name You After Me

Sofie Westcombe. Selected poems

Alice Pung. Two cultures and a baby

Mira Asriningtyas. How Do You Keep (A Tree) From Disappearing?

Lur Alghurabi. the refugee doesn’t exist

Julia Flaster. The Plastic House

Nick Kilner. Little Brother

Jon-Michael Frank. Observations

Jennifer Philip. Into the world of the dying

Tim Edensor. Haunted Quarries

Ngoc Trân. Mock Abalone

Supported by Australian Council for the Arts.